Fluffy, sticky goodness

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

After reading PrudentBaby’s coffee marshmallows tutorial, I was inspired to see if I could pull off this homemade sticky treat.  I hesitated since a) I’ve never worked with gelatin and b) I didn’t want to end up with one of those trendy choppy dos if the beater went awry and I ended up with lovely homemade marshmallow in my hair.   Happily, the super great walk through over at SmittenKitchen made this a pretty easy-peasy exercise.  The extra pair of hands from my mom certainly didn’t hurt.

I preferred the SmittenKitchen method because I was a little lazy and didn’t want to mess with the whole plastic wrap thing–I sprayed the pan within an inch of its life and heavily coated it with powdered sugar/cornstarch mix and they peeled right out the next morning.  I cringed a little when Mom reached over to try to do the little last bit of scraping with her finger from the beater, but crisis averted, and her trendy bob is still in tact.  The wet metal spatula was a much better way to go.

These fluffy treats were absolutely uplifting in my coffee the few mornings they lasted.  The little flecks of vanilla beans would sink down into the last little gooey drop to the bottom of my cup, making the final lukewarm sip the very best one.




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