They can’t all be winners: Pigephant

December 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

So the other day when it finally cooled off in Texas, the husband pulled out his cashmere sweater only to discover that moths had made quite the feast out of the front of it.  After a few choice words for the moths, he asked if I thought I could make something out of the totally fine back and arms for BabyMac.  (All together now, “Ahhh.”)

After searching around for the perfect project, I decided that I would try to make an elephant.  It’s gray, the sweater’s gray, seemed like a natural fit.  And I found this post that made it all sound simple–I mean, how hard could this be, right?

After blowing up the pattern, cutting out the pieces,and  following the instructions, I ended up with something that can only be described as a Pigephant.  If an elephant fell in love with a pig, this would be the stuffed replica of their love child.  Not okay.  How do you sew the feet on again?  And, where is the tail?  Seam allowance?  And, is it really okay if the legs are different lengths? I mean, I know she says it is, but I don’t think so.  All I need is for an infant to get super attached to a deformed looking stuffed animal.  Sigh.

Lessons learned: DO NOT follow tutorials that include things like, “the legs did not match up exactly,” or “I hope [the directions] I made up aren’t too confusing,” or anything that says, “you should be fine.”  The Pigephant was NOT fine.  He was disturbing.  And now he is disassembled.  You’re welcome for sparing you the photo.

Living to sew another day.



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