Merry Christmas to Mom: Scruffily Quilt

December 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last Mother’s Day, I made my mom these really sweet pillow cases from a fabric that I found at City Craft.   The pale pink flowers reminded me of a sheet set my great grandmother had for years, which eventually adorned my bed growing up.  Mom loved the pillowcases–Daddy has tolerated them.

Anywho, I was searching around for my next quilt project shortly thereafter–I wanted to use the additional fabric as the backing piece to compliment the pillowcases.  Novice quilter being the theme, I was totally inspired by crafty gal Rachel over at p.s. i quilt.  Her scruffily quilt was the perfect project–it’s not a huge quilt (more of a throw in size); it would let me use some really lovely fabrics I had been wanting to play with; and it would be the perfect partner to the pillowcases. 

I completed the quilt top this summer before we moved; once settled into the new digs this fall, I was able to spend a weekend finishing it up.  Mom opened it this weekend for Christmas, and I think she really liked it.  I tried to stress that it’s a throw so it does not have to go on the bed.  (Sorry, Dad.  I tried.)

Lessons learned: I still have some learning to do when it comes to corners.  These did not turn out so well–a combination of the binding being the light at the end of a project and not having the technique committed to memory seem to foil this step for me.  The pieced binding Rachel recommends is really a must I think–I put the effort in to do one, and I loved the extra bit of interest it added around the edges.  I cut my own squares for this project, but it really makes me think that the precut fabric squares would make quilting a snap! 



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