Procrastination apron

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Remember in college when finals would roll around, and somehow your apartment needed to be cleaned right then?  Fast forward to decorating the nursery–it’s the same thing.  I’ve managed to find a number of projects to do instead of finishing crib bumpers.  Our newly-married friends from Paris supplied today’s distraction.  Dinner wouldn’t be complete without gifts. Knowing how much Maris loves cooking, an apron was the perfect thing; and, it gave me a chance to try out my new Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  (Thanks, Santa!)

I used the apron pattern that Heather has in her book, and I must say that it was pretty easy.  I love the ingenious way they fit all the patterns onto just two large pieces of paper for the entire book.  Obviously, you can’t cut them out, but that’s what leftover wrapping paper is for.  Put the paper down and trace to make the pieces you need.  I like the variety of projects offered up and that she combines both visual and written instructions.  I had to do a double read in a couple of places, but was pleased with the construction after carefully following along.  After improvising a little with the waistband so that I could use this amazing yellow embroidered ribbon as the apron strings, the rest came off without a hitch. 

Lessons learned: Pockets make everything cuter. Heather didn’t have a pocket on her apron, but I added one to incorporate a bit more color and because I think it enhances the functionality.  If you do this, just make it your first step.  Cut and press a pocket and sew it onto the front of your fabric (remember to leave the top open).  My friend is what my granddad would call a wisp of a gal, so I had to do some creative pleating at the end of the waist band to finish it off so it wouldn’t be too wide.  Finally, I added some interfacing to the waistband to give it more body.  The waistband on this apron was really wide, and I wanted it to stand up.  I think it gave it a nice crisp finish. 


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