The snow came, Christmas went

January 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s snowing in Texas.  Mom and Dad were in for the weekend and shortly after they left this morning, these huge flakes began falling making for a pretty and peaceful Sunday morning.

And, with no valid reason to venture out, today is the day that Christmas was tucked away into the boxes until next year.  I know, I may have stretched a week or so beyond its expiration date anyway. 

So, today I’m just sharing some fun photos of my favorite ornaments.  My house is filled with little treasures here and there from my grandparents’ house, but these little gems only see the light once a year.

I love how the hangers are worn, and replaced with odds and ends.  I think one is even a piece of an old hanger.  And, I especially love how some of them are in less than pristine condition.  It reminds me that, avoiding all warnings on the back of packages, my grandparents used outdoor lights on their indoor tree.  These bulbs would get h-o-t, and you can see an angel and Santa both suffered for their bright pretty colors.

Each year I try to pick a favorite.  I think the little elves charmed me most this season.  Until next year…. 



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