Porch dessert

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Look what loveliness was on the porch when I got home.  Well, not on the porch, but in a box on the counter, that was brought in from the porch.  Why yes, that is an apricot pie!  Mom got creative and decided to send us a box of treats for the week, and these tart, flaky, little pies were all wrapped up to make for the perfect dinner dessert.  Mmm.

She used to make these every year for my grandpa’s birthday–they were his favorites, too.  I remember smashing the apricots to get them just right, and her carefully wrapping each one to mail them off for his birthday, which happens to be in April.  I have a feeling Baby Mac may receive similar boxes in the future with an April birthday.

There are five left, but I needed to unwrap this one for the picture since the first one barely made it out of the wrapper before I introduced it to Baby Mac.  So, yeah, that leaves four.  I can feel a lot of scheming about to commence.


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