Blanket and cradle sheet, check

January 22, 2011 § 8 Comments

When I originally went to find some fabric inspiration for Baby Mac’s room, this whale fleece from the Zoo Menagerie line by Eleanor Grosch at City Craft really spoke to me.  I loved all the different shades of blue, and the art style she used for the whales.  The whole line is too cute, and this week I went back to pick up some of the matching cotton–I love that she also has these in flannel. I settled on using this for a blanket and making a matching sheet for his cradle (which, used to be James’ cradle–all together now, “Ahhhh.”)

The blanket is a fun silky fleece blanket completed thanks to this tutorial over at Prudent Baby–those ladies are geniuses.  Even though I managed to make each corner looks different, this came out well over all.  I put a fun yellow satin on the back to give it some brightness.

Next up came the matching cradle sheet.  The tutorial for crib sheets over at Made is so easy to follow, and made these a snap.  Of course, I had to make adjustments for the size.  I found that this formula ended up working well for the size mattress I was working with–key to conversion here is figuring out the depth and how far over you want the sheets to wrap around.  I added 7 inches to the width of the mattress and the length so I had about 3.5 inches all the way around to play with.  For the corner cut outs, I made mine 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.  I also only had 1/2 inch elastic on hand, so I had to adjust for that as well. 

Each corner turned out perfect, and this fits like a glove!  I have more elastic on the shopping list today, so I can stitch up a couple of cute flannel sheets for his cradle as well.  These were so easy that I can hardly imagine buying them! 

Lessons learned: Go ahead and stitch right down to the width of the elastic, it’ll slide in there.  And, on the blanket, when stitching the satin down, you absolutely have to pin.  I hate pinning, but it’s really not optional on these blankets.  Not that I learned that lesson the hard way or anything.


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