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February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week’s love note to all of the things on the interwebs that I somehow think I need starts with the lovely fabric seen to your left from Heather Bailey.  Actually, I love pretty much all of the fabrics in her Nicey Jane series, this just happens to be the one that I picked up.  I’m working on a fun project with it, that I’ll share when it’s done.

Up next, are these cute and yummy sounding cookies from The Kitchn.  Our friends invited us over for a belated (thanks Snowgate 2011) Chinese New Year dinner next week, and these are on my radar–hoping I find the time to make them for the festivities.  The candied oranges seem a little daunting, but maybe it’s just patience?  Right–patience–something I’m great at.

Just when I think I’ve found all Etsy has to entice me with….  The upcycled jewelry scene seems to be growing, and I love this gift idea.  CompassRoseDesign is taking your photos, placing them in vintage ladies watches and then using that as a pendant.  How clever!  Talk about a really special gift for less than $50.

Also from the upcycle, reclaimed file comes this collection of fun jewelry from Eco Bling Couture.  Fun, and mostly affordable pieces that are just great.  My mom had some of my grandmother’s jewelry like this made into crosses that I keep on my buffet, but I’m equally partial to this idea.  I like that you can make something totally fun and funky out of things that would otherwise stay in your jewelry box.


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