A tote bag for baby

February 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Or rather, a tote bag for Mother-in-law’s birthday that she’ll probably use for the baby.  She’ll be keeping him in the fall (hallelujah for family close by!), so I thought it would be nice for her to have her own bag for Baby Mac.  Fun, huh?  This is the project that I worked on with the Heather Bailey fabric that’s so cute–it’s down the middle and along the handles.  There are a couple of other fabrics in here, but I didn’t look up the names–I picked them up during the City Craft sale a couple of months ago.  And, this is the first big project I’ve done using oil cloth–I used it for the lining.

The weekend tote pattern in Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book was oh-so-easy it didn’t even take the whole weekend!  In fact, I think that we got this churned out in about four hours, start to finish!  I started by stitching the three different fabric panels together that I wanted to use for the bag, and then cutting the pieced fabric along the pattern lines.

I went with the oil cloth lining on the bag thinking that between bottles, wet wipes and other baby necessities, something is bound to spill in there.  I figured it would be easier to wipe it out that way, and I just loved the big blue dots, and the bright color.

To add a little jazz to it, I made my first yo yos with Heather Bailey’s tutorial, and stitched them on the front just under the handle.  Nothing says love like some hand stitching–it’s probably my least favorite thing to tackle, so I machine stitched the outer edges on a long stitch length and set the machine to a gather stitch so it skips every other one.  Seemed to work fine, but you have to go slow.

Lessons learned: This was actually an easy enough project with such a fun outcome, that I think I’ll definitely be making it again.  Who doesn’t like a tote bag, right?  I will be revisiting how I made the binding and the handles.  The pattern and instructions said to use the lining material, but after doing that for the binding, I switched it up on the handles because the oil cloth was just bulky for at part.  It made it sturdy, but was probably unnecessary.  Also, I think that I’ll add more interior pockets next go around.  This one has a pocket that I sized for an iPhone compartment, and a miscellaneous compartment, but I think it could use one on each side.  Other than that, this book is proving to be a great little find!

Happy birthday, Sandy!


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