New art and a coupon

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

New artwork for the living room has finally been found!  My obsession with Etsy has continued, and I found a really great shop there called Modern Botanical that has these stunning botanical sun prints.  They combine a type of photography called camera less, which I’m pretty sure is like photogram, to expose the shape of these natural flowers and plants on photo paper to get the natural shape, and then she digitizes it to add color.  The process, the paper, the unique colors all caught my attention and I knew that they had to come live with me.

She has lots of great ones to choose from, but I went with the mum and poppies.  Continuing to support the Aaron Brothers penny sale, I picked up these great frames, and ta-da–new art!  The Etsy seller, Trinity, was so kind and professional.  She even sent me a coupon code to share with family and friends who might also want to order from her!  If her stuff speaks to you, too, just enter REPEAT15 as the coupon code to get 15% off.  Pretty sweet,huh?



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