A whale of a thank you

February 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

My very dear, very sweet, girlfriends threw Baby Mac a shower this weekend.  They went with a whale theme to match the bedding that I love for his cradle, and they did a bang up job.  From the adorable invitations, to the amazing menu (cucumber mint sandwiches, lemon blueberry scones, spiced cheese twirls, turkey and cranberry sandwiches, lemon cupcakes, the list goes on!), to the cute blue punch, these ladies know how to do something cute yet sophisticated.  I knew last weekend that this was going to be a day filled with love, and I wanted to show my appreciation with cards that really sent a big thanks!  Enter my new favorite scrap project.

A box of blank cards from Hobby Lobby, a pair of tiny scissors, and the left overs from my scrap pile of the cute whale fabric got me started making these too-cute thank you cards.  I started by cutting out the whales from the scraps–what began with cutting one whale out at a time morphed into clipping out sections and little schools to get some creative cuts.  Then I threaded my bobbin with white and used a bright blue for the top stitch.  This way, the white stitches would be on the white inside of the cards.

I then just positioned the whales onto the front of the cards how I liked them best, and stitched around them, backstitching at the beginning and ending to hold them in tact.  This requires you to go a little slow, but there’s a lot of freedom.  They can look a little wonky, and the stitching doesn’t have to be exactly at the edge.  At least not for me–I think the off-center nature of this project adds to the charm.  Some whales fit better in a corner, while others were fun across the middle.

Then I took cute little white tags and came up with some fun whale-inspired thank you tags–Thanks a TON!, A whale of a thanks!, etc.–and placed those on the cards as well.  I used some additional colored backing paper and a zig zag stitch to hold the tags in place and add some additional color to the front.

I don’t know if it’s the hormones or just how fun this was to make, but I really love these little notes!  They were so fun, and I’ve had a great time today filling them in for all the special ladies in King Baby’s fan club who turned out yesterday to help us get ready for his arrival.  We had a great time, and I hope the thank yous show it!



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