Nursery, check.

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The nursery came to completion last night after some late-night nesting and help from the husband and in-laws.  Our soothsayer doctor told us Baby Mac could be here this weekend (clearly he’s not), and it got me kicked into high-gear nesting.

The final few pieces took their places last night, including this stunning bookshelf that my father-in-law made.  Yep–MADE!  It’s really such a treasure.  I love the color and the detail he put into it, and I know that this will be one of those things that the kiddo hangs onto forever.  The color is Sherwin Williams Firecracker, and I love how it manages to bring out the fun pop of color in the artwork that we’ve hung around the room.  Father-in-law was also nice enough to paint a little side table we had to match that has taken up residence by the rocker.

The rocker is courtesy of Mom and Dad; Mom’s staying with us part of the summer to activate her spoil-the-child agenda, so I’m sure she will be getting good use out of this, too!  The curtain back there is one that I made with help from the Mother-in-Law out of the beautiful Anna Maria Horner Pastry Stripe in Saffron.  It’s simple, but I really love the way the light shines through and makes the whole room bright before you even turn on the lights.  And, you can see the reclaimed blue lamp that I told you about over here.  I foresee a lot of quality time with this little nook.

This is probably my favorite part of his room–so much love and handmade goodness!  The number print, which matches everything perfectly, is a one-of-a-kind from the amazing Kara Leone, a dear friend, who designed this special for Baby Mac, and it touches me beyond words when I see it.  (If I haven’t made you look at Kara’s work before, you really have to check out (and buy!) her amazing book that she and her mother published this year–What Do You Suppose?)  And look at those quilts!  The one on the left was made for me when I was a babe; middle one is courtesy of Aunt Lisa (her sister-in-law made it); the one on the right is yet another amazing piece from Grandma Amy.  Such craftsmanship!  And, of course, I love the hangers since they’re a great way to display all of that talent.

Cute pennant, huh?  This was done for Baby Mac’s shower, and we were able to find the perfect spot for it above his closet doors.  And, you can see his other shelf here, which we have anchored to the wall, but I’m still nervous that a toddler will want to try to climb some day.  This piece may be temporary–a few people have said that boys get into things that they’re not supposed to, and I’m under no delusion that King Baby will follow the pattern!

Determined to raise a reader, we registered for a number of books.  Folks got the hint and all of the fabulous teachers in our circle of family and friends started giving Baby Mac their favorites!  The Aunts gave him this cool book shelf, and above it you’ll see the animal alphabet print we love from Petit CollageThe Husband Dad hung it just at eye-level; such a smart guy.  And, we’ve been lucky to get a few of these great canvas toy baskets–on the positive, they’re really easy to move around; on the down side, this one is already filled up!

So that’s it!  Nursery completed with the help of lots of incredible family and friends.  We can’t wait to welcome the little guy home–I think he’s really going to like it in here.


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