Ruffle bottoms

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

With all the boy staging and sewing and what not, I’ve been very lucky to have a couple of cute little ladies to sew for.  This has been great for my pent-up girly sewing itch–I don’t think Baby Mac would want a ruffle bottom onesie!

First let me just say that this is in no way something that I came up with on my own.  I’ve seen tutorials for this around the Interwebs and, of course, I’ve seen similar little things at craft shows, etc.  This is just the way that I executed the idea.

Grab some cute ribbon–I had this sweet brown and pink left over from another project.  You aren’t going to need much–I just cut a piece that was a little over twice the width of the onesie.  If you want more ruffles, then you would need to cut it longer.

Start by stitching the ends of your ribbon under, and then run a long gathering stitch down the center of the ribbon.  This is really easy to do–just set your machine so that it’s on the longest stitch length and then I set mine so that it would skip every other stitch (the basting setting).

Line up the bottom of the ribbon with the seam just above the leg on the side of the onesie, and pin the ribbon down.  I pinned both of my ends to the sides of the onesie, and then went through and distributed my ruffles and added a couple more pins to hold it down.

Stitch the ribbon down the center of the ruffles, back stitching at the beginning and end to keep it in place.  Then just add a little stitch down the two ends, vertical to the onesie itself, to secure the ribbon on either end.

This was the final little piece to go with a baby gift, so I added some of the same sweet ribbon to a burp cloth that I lined with some cute chocolate flannel, and a pink bib that’s got the same soft flannel on the back side.  Ta-da!


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