Cake balls: take two

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

My second attempt at cake balls came for Mr. Colin’s shower, and I’m glad that I had the chance to apply what I learned from Round 1 to this batch.  I think this round was a bit more successful. Yay for progress!

The first thing I did was use less frosting than originally advised.  Everything I read at first led me to using an entire can of store bought frosting.  This time, I used only half a can of the Duncan Hines “creamy” homemade style cream cheese frosting.  This seemed to give me a better mix to start out with.

Then I just did straight balls and didn’t worry about making the balls into “pops” with the sticks.  I still jazzed them up with cupcake liners and cellophane bags with ties, but not actually pops, which saved me time and frustration.

I also kept them in the freezer and worked in smaller batches this time.  Instead of pulling out an entire pan, I only did like six or eight at a time.  Then I would reheat my coating and pull out another half dozen or so to work on.  This seemed to give me a more consistent result.

I still have a lot to learn about these little decadent desserts, but this second attempt already proved leaps and bounds better in terms of efficiency and taste.  I recently came across this write up with some other tips to consider.  The article itself is a little trite, but skip down to the tips, and there are some good thoughts to chew on.

Happy baking!


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