Cowgirl baby quilt

September 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our little cowgirl made her entry into the world this week, and I have been fortunate to spend two afternoons with her!  She is lovely like all newborns are–all wrinkles and slow movements and stretches and sweetness.  When I visited today, I had a chance to sneak into her room to snap a couple of quick photos of the quilt I told you about over here.  As I mentioned, in the rush to get this one churned out, I managed to neglect my camera.  This one was truly finished up in the 11th hour, and only with the help of the fantastic Aunt Peggy!

For this one, I used the Building Blocks pattern from Moda Bake Shop’s online tutorial to create my squares.  My original inspiration for this came from the cowgirl theme of her room, and in my search at City Craft to find some fabrics that would give a modern twist to today’s cowgirl, I found the beautiful golden fabric from Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush series.  I loved the modern feel and the color, and it went really well with the bandana-inspired fabrics I had also come across.  I rounded out my fabric choices with some classics from my Grandma Amy vintage stash.  Lots of delicate florals and soft plaids to compliment.

For the back, I wanted to highlight the Innocent Crush fabric, and I found another great purple/pink fabric at City Craft to pair it with in these fat stripes.  I wanted to keep the back simple, and use the beautiful cream floral design as a guidepost.  Please don’t look to closely at my stitching here.  I stitched in the ditch around my squares, and Aunt Peggy went through and helped me stitch little star motifs on the center squares of most of the blocks, tying the motif to the cowgirl theme.  We made a binding out of the purple bandana-esque fabric.

Baby girl’s room has this cute hanger in it, and Mom & Dad have used it to display the quilt.  Such a nice gesture, and it really looks great the way they have it hung!  It made a great addition to the nursery, and I hope to see her dragging it around behind her for years to come.  Hope she still likes cowgirls when she’s in college!


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